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  • This compact dual lens car DVR brings high definition video capture for inside and outside your car. Each camera can rotate through 270 degrees letting you film the exterior or interior of your vehicle. With night vision recording this car DVR brings you clear footage in relatively dark environments

    € 110,00
  • With this Full-HD car DVR in your vehicle, you’ll never again be bothered by false insurance claims. This high-end dash cam records all that’s happening in front your car in crisp 1080p resolution. Thanks to this, you’ll always be able to watch back previous events in high-detail and vivid color.

    € 115,00
  • You can't go wrong with this dual camera dash cam and backup camera setup. With 1080P recording at 30 frames per second it really hits the mark with image quality.

    € 115,00
  • The XC2 is a Car DVR that brings full HD recordings of all that happens on the road. A 170-degree wide angle lens gives great coverage to the front of the car so anything happening ahead of you on the road is sure to be captured. The 12MP CMOS sensor captures crisp details at 30 FPS when shooting in FHD 1080P. It can also record at 720P when running in...

    € 125,00
  • This 4-Inch car DVR set comes with a total of three cameras that together provide you with a great view of all that’s happening in and around your car. The front camera works is a regular car DVR whereas the second camera can be used to record that’s what is happening inside your car. This does not only increase your safety on the road, it also lets you...

    € 139,00
  • This 7 Inch Car DVR kit makes sure youll always stay safe on the road and never get bothered by false insurance claims again. Featuring a front camera as well as a rear parking camera, this car accessory records everything thats happening around your car at all times.

    € 269,00
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