1. The consumer is obliged directly after supply, to inspect delivered goods thoroughly on lacks and, at presence of it, inform Electrodirect directly in a written manner. If the consumer does not indicate Electrodirect within five days after the day of supply on lacks, which could be noticed at thorough research, the consumer is considered to agree with the state in which goods have been delivered, and every right to warranty expires.

2. Electrodirect offer exclusively supplier guarantee. These expire at improper use of the delivered products.

3. Manufacturers’ warranties do not cover:
- replacement consumables such as batteries, light bulbs, fuses and recording or playback heads,
- improper use of the product,
- damage resulting from repairs performed by non-certified technicians,
- damage caused by external factors such as accidents, internal or external shocks, lightning, power spikes, rust and sand.

Please read the user manual supplied with your product(s) carefully for the exact terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.
Should the manufacturer not honour the terms of the warranty for any of the aforementioned reasons, Electrodirect will not be held responsible.
In cases where the manufacturer’s warranty is not applicable, the manufacturer will provide the customer with an estimate repair fee. If you would like your product(s) to be returned to you by the manufacturer without any repairs being carried out, administration charges may apply. Should you choose to abandon your product altogether, no additional charges will apply.
You have 3 months to accept or reject the quote and pay the amount due. If we do not hear from you within this time, we will assume that you have rejected the quote and abandoned your product. No compensation will be issued.

4. When applying for warranty, product must be returned to our headoffice in ireland for repair. If a new product has to be sent in exchange for the damaged one, it will be sent directly from us. You as the client must enclose a copy of the reciept printed from our website. Please enclose a brief note about the problem in the procduct and the adress where the package has to be returned. All must be in printed forms. All delivery charges are at the clients cost. If any of the above documents are missing, warranty claims may be delayed or declined.

5. Our goal for every order: a satisfied customer. Therefore besides warranty and our RMA procedure for defects, we also give you a 3 days money back guarantee! If the product is not what you expected or if you have changed your mind, you will get your money back. Money back does not include the delivery or shipping cost.We do require that the product is sent back at the custumers expense in its unopened original packaging within 3 days after your order was delivered. However Electrodirect do not offer money back guarantee on the following Categories: Computers and Tablets, In Car Entertainment.

The legal guarantee concerning product conformity does not apply in some cases:
- when damage is caused by external factors such as shocks, lightning, power surges, rust and sand.
- when damage is caused by the customer’s non-respect of the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use and installation of the product,
- when damage is caused by the customer’s misuse of the product
- when the customer is aware of damage to the product at the time of placing their order

Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact the helpdesk and await instructions before sending back your product.


Warranty Form


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