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Digital to Analog Audio Converter (Black)

Digital to Analog Audio Converter (Black)

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1) This digital to analog audio converter is designed for either home or professional audio switching

2) It converters Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analog L / R audio and available for connection to an external device such as an amplifier via standard RCA-style jacks

3) This converter is small in size and quite easy to install

4) 24-bit S / PDIF incoming bit stream on left and right channels

5) Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission

6) Easy to install and simple to operate

7) Specifications:

1. Signal inputs / output: Coaxial or Toslink digital audio

2. Input audio: L / R audio

3. Input audio connector: Toslink, 1 X RCA (Coaxial)

4. Output audio connector: 2 x RCA (Coaxial)

5. Sampling rate: 32, 44.1, 48 and 96 KHz

6. Size: 51mm x 41mm x 26 mm; Weight: 78g

7. Limited warranty: 1 year parts and labor

8. Operating temperature: 0?~+70?; Storage temperature: -10?~+80?; Operating humidity: 10% to 85%RH (no condensation); Storage humidity: 5% to 90% RH (no condensation)

9. External power supply: DC 5V 2A

10. Power consumption: 0.5watts (max)

11. Including: Digital to analog audio converter x 1; US plug power adapter x 1; User manure x 1
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