AC3  DTS 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Sound Decoder, RCA Output(Black) View larger

AC3 DTS 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Sound Decoder, RCA Output(Black)

AC3 DTS 5.1 Audio Gear Digital Sound Decoder, RCA Output(Black)

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* Digital Audio Decoder: Used 24-bit audio DSP, 96 KHz digital receivers, and 192 KHz/24bit ADC and DAC. Support Dolby Digital AC-3 Dolby Pro Logic, DTS, PCM and other digital audio format source decode, a variety of sound field and the replay results of two listening modes, 5.1 analog audio output, will auto work with different amplifier and speakers to get different sound effects, easy to connect many entertainment devices which with optical and coaxial digital signal and analog output signals (such as: set-top boxes, HD players, Blu-ray DVD, PS2, PS3, XBOX360).

* Features:

1) Input: 2xOptical,1xCoaxial,1xAudio

2) Output:1xCEN,1xSW,1xFL,1xFR,1xSL,1xSR

3) Transfer the DTS/AC-3 digital signal into 5.1 analog output (FL/FR if 2.1).

4) Transfer the stereo(R/L) audio signal data into 5.1 analog output.

5) Two SPDIF input, one coaxial input, one sterero input supplying perfect solution for your HDTV player, XBOX360 etc.

6) Auto detect AC3???DTS???PCM digital audio signal

7) Decode format???Dolby Digital EX???DTS-ES???Dolby Pro Logic II???DTS???AC3,Dolby Digital.

8) S/N???120db

9) Degree of separation: 85db

10) Frequency response: (20Hz~20KHz)+-0.5db

11) Max output???2.2V

12) Interface Introduce:

- Optical input interface: XBOX360, PS3, STB, DVD player, Blue-ray DVD players, HD player

- Coaxial input interface: can be connected to computer PC sound card or notebook coaxial output, high-definition players, set-top boxes, DVD player, etc.

- AUX Input Interface: Connect to any group of LPCM stereo signals (such as computer audio, MP3 / 4 player audio)

- Five RCA output channels: connect to home theater or a 5.1-channel power amplifier (FL/FR if 2.1 channel)

- USB output: Supply 5V power to 5.1 Channel Headphone.

13) Dimension: 105x85x25mm

14) Power Supply DC/9V 1A, (outlay 110V~240V broadband convert DC9V Power)

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